We decided to look as 16 couples stars from different eras in the 20 looked. The difference is obvious

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For some people selebriti are a certain standard of beauty, but time does not stand still, and favourite idols are succeeded by others. If to compare photos of stars from different generations, there is an impression that before a celebrity looked somehow more serious and as if is a little more senior. Probably, matter in quality of a picture or to all fault clothes and a hairdress or maybe it is simple our imagination. Avrile Ramona Lavin and Billy Aylish Payrat Berd O’Konnell Ryder Vaynona and Margaret Konstans Williams Deyns Claire and Zendaya Marie Shtermer Coleman Daff Hillary and Foy Makkenzi Lohann Lindsi and Sink Sadie Thomas Cruise Meypoter IV and Thomas Stanley Kholland Lauren Sophie and Angelina Jolie Voyt George...