Consequences of the anti-Russian sanctions for Europe] are opene
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Elektronnaya versiya gazety Politico: Europe saves energy, switching off illumination of facades of public buildings Europe tries to save energy, switching off illumination of facades of public buildings. About consequences of the anti-Russian sanctions it is spoken in article of the newspaper of Elektronnaya versiya gazety Politico. So, to Germany the new law on economy of the electric power which imposes a temporary ban on covering of sights was adopted. According to the edition, the regions most dependent on the Russian gas Germany try to find solutions for consumption reduction. In Hanover, for example, passed to cold souls in all public institutions. Also it is reported...
Balazh Orban
Last position: Adviser to the prime minister of Hungary for political affairs (Government of Hungary)
Katalin Eve Vereshne-Novak
Last position: President (Prezident of Hungary)