Youri Mikhaylovich Kaminsky commented on information on transition Larissa Kuklina in the group

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Minsk, 14 Sep - Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti", Govorov Alexander. The trainer on biathlon Youri Mikhaylovich Kaminsky told combined Russian Federation in its group is not coordinated yet officially. Larissa Kuklina earlier joined group Istomin Artem and Vitaly Noritsyn, however on training before the second stage of the Commonwealth Cup in Raubichakh the sportswoman already was engaged under the leadership of Youri Mikhaylovich Kaminsky ". Let's not hurry with transition Larissa Kuklina in my group. Yes, I was present on female training and looked for Larissa Kuklina. It independently arrived on the Seminsky pass, now it...
Larissa Kuklina
Last position: The professional athlete on biathlon (LLC FEDERAL BANK "SOYUZ BIATLONISTOV RUSSIA"(SBR))
Youri Mikhaylovich Kaminsky
Last position: The coach of Russian men's national team on biathlon (LLC FEDERAL BANK "SOYUZ BIATLONISTOV RUSSIA"(SBR))
Vitaly Noritsyn
Last position: The coach of the men's national team of Bulgaria on biathlon
Govorov Alexander
Istomin Artem