Rub in one: at Theater named after Yevgeniya Vakhtangova opened a monument at once to Vasilii Semenovich Lanovoy, to Vladimir Abramovich Etush and Youri Yakovlev

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All three were actors Theater named after Yevgeniya Vakhtangova so it is logical that the monument settled down exactly here — before an entrance to theater. Monument solemnly opened today at midday — just by the beginning of a new season in Theater named after Yevgeniya Vakhtangova. Monument established in a courtyard of the Simonovsky scene: Vasilii Semenovich Lanovoy holds Vladimir Abramovich Etush by a hand, and Youri Yakovlev costs nearby. "It [monument] will stand at the Simonovsky scene because this place for them was symbolical. Vasilii Semenovich Lanovoy after work at theater passed every day by a facade of the Simonovsky scene. Youri Yakovlev at one time after...