Together — to defeat

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On Wednesday in Angola the next parliamentary elections will take place. The won party will tell the name of the president of the country. Very few people doubt that on this post there will be an acting head of state of Zhuan Manuel Gonsalvish Lorensu, heading ruling "Народное движение за освобождение Анголы—Партия труда". However the intrigue round vote results all the same is: the majority of voters was not 30 years old, and this electorate is extremely dissatisfied with the country leaders. Meanwhile for alternative vote young voters have an opportunity. Popularity of opposition sharply increased in recent years. And though she hardly will manage...
Zhoze Eduardu dush Santush
Main activity:Politician
Zhuan Manuel Gonsalvish Lorensu
Last position: President of the Republic of Angola (President of Republic Angola)
Political ideology:Social democracy, earlier — communism, Marxism-Leninism