To Russian Federation until the end of September all coffee houses of the successor of Starbucks COR] will ope

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Moscow, on August 18 - DIXINEWS. All coffee houses of the new Stars Coffee network which is the successor of Starbucks COR to Russian Federation, will be open until the end of September, 2002. Thus, all prices remain at former level. New owners of a network told about it - the businessman and the singer Timati (Timati), and also the restaurateur Anton Pinsky "today on press conferences. 130 institutions: 90 in Moscow, 40 in Saint Petersburg and regions. After (opening - an edition) institutions on Arbat will open 10 more until the end of August in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and further approximately on two-three restaurant in day. We plan everything until the end of September...
Timur Yunusov (Timati)
Last position: Singer, musical producer
Anton Pinsky
Last position: CEO (LLC "PINSKY BRENDS")
Eugenie Biyatov
Last position: Press photographer (MIA "RUSSIA SEGODNYA")
PJSC Sberbank of Russia
Main activity:Finance
Main activity:Production of food