Restaurateur Anton Pinsky: All coffee houses of the former network of Starbucks COR will open under Stars Coffee brand in September

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18.08.2022 07:30. Agency "Moscow". The coffee house of the former network of Starbucks COR on Novy Arbat St. opens under a new brand on August 18, 2022. By the end of September all 120 coffee houses will work, the restaurateur, the co-owner of the Stars Coffee network Anton Pinsky reported to Agency city news "Moscow". "In Moscow one coffee house under Stars Coffee brand to the address will open: Novy Arbat St., 11. And within September all 120 coffee houses" will open, - Anton Pinsky told. Earlier it became known that new owners of the former network of coffee houses of Starbucks COR to Russian Federation became the restaurateur Anton Pinsky, the rapper Timati and LLC "XK "SINDIKA"...
Timur Yunusov (Timati)
Last position: Singer, musical producer
Anton Pinsky
Last position: CEO (LLC "PINSKY BRENDS")
Arsene Kanokov
Last position: Member of the committee (Committee Federation Council of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on International affairs)
Main activity:Production of food
Main activity:Operations with real estate, rent and other services