"If I was so good in biathlon, as in creation selfi". Kristiansen — about a photo about Taryey Be

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The Olympic champion and the world champion in relay, the winner of the World Cup stages, the Norwegian biathlonist Vetle Shosta Kristiansen published on social networks amusing selfi with the triple champion of Games Taryey Be. "After our working collecting. If I was so good in biathlon as in creation selfi" — Kristiansen signed a photo. Photo: from Vetle Shost Kristiansen's personal archive Following the results of last season Kristiansen took the fourth place in the overall ranking of the World Cup, to top-3 to it there were no 10 points, the senior Taryey Be the season on the sixth line finished. The World Cup season-2022/2023 on biathlon starts a stage...
Taryey Byo
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