In Sieverodonetsk and Rubizhne earned a social dining room and a bakery

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In Rubizhne will earn the republican center soon helps needing. There will live there families with children and pensioners. The Moscow housing and communal services workers already provide locals with drinking water. The city continue to restore. It strongly suffered from VSU attacks. As well as Sieverodonetsk. For the inhabitant Sieverodonetsk Andreeva Zoe the destroyed building schools became the temporary house. Its apartment burned down during an artillery attack. It is necessary to live in the escaped premises of the blown-up educational institution. The woman says that the Ukrainian military beat on school knowing that in cellars people hid. Generally there were...
Andreeva Zoe
Boldyrev Ruslan
Khokhlova Helena
Novikova Olga
Gorbunov Sergei
Political ideology:Social conservatism