"SKA Khabarovsk" — "Baltic". The forecast, rate (to. 2.60) on the soccer, First league, on August 14, 2022

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"SKA Khabarovsk" will play on the home field with "Baltic" within the 5th round of the championship Russian Federation. The match will pass on August 14, the beginning — at 18:00 Moscow time. "SKA Khabarovsk" — "Baltic": forecast, rate, coefficients, statistics. Soccer. Russian Federation. On August 14, 2022 SKA Khabarovsk Khabarovsk 12:00 Baltic Kaliningrad SKA Habarovskkto will win against FNL? Baltic Call the winner and receive a free rate of 2000 rubles on a match "SKA Khabarovsk" Roman Sharonov began in Khabarovsk awfully. However, credit trust is available for the mentor. In four matches the team gathered only 3 points. Meanwhile residents of Khabarovsk cannot get out of a zone...