Businessmen against dynasties: Kenya on the eve of elections

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Kenya waits for approach of the new presidential election appointed to August 9, 2022 It seems that this time such habitual and familiar "dividing strips" on the electoral landscape, connected with politicization of an ethnic factor, gradually are erased, giving way to the new. Present preferences of voters correspond to the deep metamorphoses affecting representations of Kenyans about. The power to Kenya — a traditional subject of opposition and the bargaining between two largest clans: Keniata Dzhomo and Oding Rail. Founding fathers of the Kenyan state — the first president Kenya Keniata Dzhomo and...
Ukhuru Muigai Keniata
Last position: President of the Republic of Kenya (President of Republic Kenya)
Raila Odinga
Last position: High Representative for development of infrastructures (African Union)
Mvai Kibaki
Main activity:Politician
Keniata Dzhomo
Oding Rail