The head of military civil authorities Kherson Region got to hospital

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Duties of head of military civil authorities Kherson Region while will be executed by chapter of Regionalnoye government Sergei Yeliseev. About it the acting head of military and civil Administration regiona Vladimir Saldo in the telegram-channel wrote on August 5. Such need arose in connection with hospitalization of Vladimir Saldo. Vladimir Saldo explained that doctors after its inspection insisted that it went to hospital. "The chairman of Government Kherson region Sergei Yeliseev will fulfill duties of head for the period of my absence" — specified Vladimir Saldo. Making comments on information on hospitalization...
Kirill Stremousov
Last position: Deputy head of military civil authorities of the Kherson region
Владимир Васильевич Сальдо
Last position: Acting as Governor of the Kherson region
Sergei Yeliseev
Last position: Chairman government
Zakharevich Mefody
Regionalnoye government
Government Agency
Administration regiona
Government Agency