The trainer Football club "Chelsi" most often complained during interview in last season of a nuclear submarine

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Photo: Football club "Chelsi" the Trainer Football club "Chelsi" Thomas Tukhel most often complained of various episodes of matches in last season of the English Premier league. The The Athletic edition published results of research in which various statements of trainers of a nuclear submarine are provided. So, "helmsman" "blue" in 57,9% of cases of interview complained of various circumstances. Also Cities" (54,5%) were in the top three heading capital "Arsenal" Mikel Arteta Amatriain (55,5% of time) and Daniel Farke from "Norwich. The head coach "Mangxiti" Khosep Gvardiola-i-Sala on the 16th place — 27,3%. And here least of all complaints arrived from Jesse Marsh...