"Appetites grow": why in Kiev declare shortage of the western weapon

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Ukraine still lacks the western arms, despite proceeding deliveries. It was declared by the adviser to the head of office of the president Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky Aleksey Nikolaevich Arestovich. According to him, the country needs heavy arms to develop successful approach. He also specified to the western partners that the conflict in Ukraine allegedly not local, but "continental". Meanwhile experts note that the western weapon is necessary for Kiev more for maintenance of the authority among the population. However, how there were ample opportunities of the states giving to it support, volumes of deliveries with...
Dzhozef Robinett Bayden-mladshy (Joe Biden)
Last position: President of the United States of America (President of the United States)
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky
Last position: President of Ukraine (President of Ukraine)
Olaf Sholts
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John Kyorbi
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Jens Stoltenberg
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