In Kislovodsk put a nominal star in honor of Eradze Giya

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In the resort town there took place a ceremony of a laying of a nominal star in honor of the honored artist Russian Federation. The avenue of stars opened in the territory of Kislovodsk state circus last year. The first star was called in honor of a dynasty of circus actors Bagdasarov. Now on the Kislovodsk Avenue of stars there was a name of the head "Royal circus" Russian Federation Eradze Giya - one of the best circus producers of the world. The honored artist Russian Federation brought the new show "Sandy Fairy Tale" to the resort town. His prime minister at the full notice took place in Saturday, July 30. "on August 1 in honor of premier displays...
Eugenie Ivanovich Moiseev
Last position: Head (Administration of spa town Kislovodsk)
Eradze Giya