The forward of "Reyndzhers" Artemy Panarin described rest to Russian Federation the phrase "week in the village fed mosquitoes"

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The Russian forward Hockey club "New York Reyndzhers" Artemy Panarin told New York about the holidays which it spent to Russian Federation. His words are transferred sport TV channel "Match TV". "Went for a week to the country to feed mosquitoes. At first at all did not understand — where I zabazirovalsya. Gadflies were replaced by midges, midges replaced mosquitoes — hollow you constantly, wake up the red. But, it appeared, it does stronger" — Artemy Panarin told. Artemy Panarin took the fourth place among goal-scorers of team following the results of a playoffs of National Hockey League. It played on ice of 20 matches in a Cup of Stanley, having earned 16 (6%2B 10) points. The third place was taken by the American forward Chris...