As the simple girl from Penza became the first lady Angola

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At the beginning of July in Barcelonian clinic the former president Angola Zhoze Edouard dush Santush, 38 years governing the country - from the 1979th on the 2017th died. He in many respects was the typical African politician, but there was at it an unusual wife - the inhabitant of the USSR Kukanova Tatyana. Student's marriage the Wonderful fairy tale Kukanova Tatyana began in 1966 when from native Penza it got over to Baku where entered the Azerbaijani institute oil and chemistry, being going to become the geologist. But to study a subsoil at the brisk girl (she, by the way, was the champion of the city in chess) it did not turn out. In higher education institution Kukanova Tatyana got acquainted with the bright...
Zhoze Eduardu dush Santush
Main activity:Politician
Kukanova Tatyana
Eduardo Zhoze
Laurence Zhoao
Vakhreva Faina
Political ideology:Social democracy, earlier — communism, Marxism-Leninism
Mongolian People's Party
Political ideology:Communism, Marxism-Leninism (1928 — 1990), democratic socialism, social democracy (since 1990).
компания "ЮниТел"
Narodny Khural
Government Agency