An exchange Jonathan Yuberdo on Tkachuk Matt called similar on uniqueness with an exchange Wayne Douglas Grettski in 1988

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North American journalists, analyzing an exchange between "Hockey club "Kalgari Fleymz"" and Hockey club "Florida Panterz", found in it the common unique features with an exchange Wayne Douglas Grettski in Hockey club "Los Angeles Kingz" in 1988. By data Twitter sport TV channel "ESPN" Stats %26 Info, an exchange Jonathan Yuberdo from "Florida" on Tkachuk Matt from "Calgary" became the second in the history of National Hockey League in which two players who have gathered in the previous season more than 100 points for the regular championship took part. The first and only up to this point the similar transaction was recorded in 1988 when legendary Wayne Douglas Grettski from Hockey club "Edmonton Oylerz" exchanged Edmonton to "Los Angeles. .