"Everton" wants to see at itself the player of "Chelsea". There can be rent? "Blue" speak: "Take away on absolutely! "

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Football club "Chelsi" can release the player in Liverpool "Everton". Prior to the beginning of a summer transfer window it was announced that the team Lempard Frenki can ask to "blue" for help in purchase new players. Now specific actions begin. Let's remind that "toffees" have very difficult financial position. "Everton" was compelled to sell the best football player – the forward Risharlison to "Tottenham". Now the team Lempard Frenki is in great need in structure strengthening. According to newspaper "The Daily Telegraph", the first and today the main transfer goal "Everton" for itself...
Roman Abramovich
Last position: Co-owner (LLC "ORT-KB")
Billy Clifford Gilmore
Last position: The professional athlete on soccer (Football club "Chelsi")
Lempard Frenki
Football club "Chelsi"
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