American newspaper "The New York Times" reported about "intercontinental fight" for a funeral of the ex-leading Angola

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The authorities Angola and the widow of the ex-president Zhoze Edouard dush Santush consider that he needs to be buried in the homeland. Children of the politician to whom in Angola criminal prosecution threatens, do not agree with it and draw on a ceremony to Spain the Question of where the former president Angola Zhoze Edouard dush Santush will be buried, became a reason for "intercontinental fight" between the country authorities, the widow of the ex-head of the state and other members of his family, reports American newspaper "The New York Times". Zhoze Edouard dush Santush died on July 8 in one of clinics Barcelona at the age of 79 years. As writes American newspaper "The New York Times", "Народное движение за освобождение Анголы—Партия труда" (ruling party...
Zhoze Eduardu dush Santush
Main activity:Politician
dush Santush Zhoze
Lourens Zhoau
dush Santush Izabel
Political ideology:Social democracy, earlier — communism, Marxism-Leninism