Valery Kechinov — about stay contracts Alex Kral: "It was visible that it does not remain in "Spartak"
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The former football player of "Spartak" Valery Kechinov in conversation with the correspondent of newspaper "Sport-express" reacted to signing by Alex Kral contracts with "Shalke". "It not loss for club. It was clear and clear. Especially in a present situation when legionaries are allowed to stop contracts, it was visible that it does not remain in "Spartak". Nevertheless I cannot call it loss for club" — Valery Kechinov told the correspondent of newspaper "Sport-express" to Barulev Dmitry...
Alex Kral
Last position: The professional athlete on soccer (JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "FC "SPARTAK-MOSKVA")
Anzor Kavazashvili
Last position: President (All-Russian Federation of soccer)
Barulev Dmitry
Salikhova Zarema