The memorial estate Yesenin Sergei will show the performance "Game in a Wedding"

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On July 8 — in Day of a family, love and the fidelity, dated for day of memory of Saint Pyotr and Fevroniya — in the State memorial estate Yesenin Sergei the performance "Game in a Wedding" (12%2B) based on Anatoly Alekseevich Panfilov "the Konstantinovsky meridian" will take place. About it told in the press service of an institution of culture. Directed by museum ethnographic theaters "Belfry" wedding ceremonies of the homeland Yesenin Sergei, carefully stored by locals found reflection. Audience will have a unique opportunity to plunge into culture of an ancient celebration: from courtship with rukobity to the second day of festivities. On...
Anatoly Alekseevich Panfilov
Last position: Chairman of the party "Russian ecological party "Zelyonye" ("The Greens")
Yesenin Sergei