The Volgograd javelin thrower Ovchinnikov Maxime won superiority Russian Federation

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In Chelyabinsk superiority Russian Federation on track and field athletics among young men and girls of U18 came to the end on June 30. In the competitions which have taken place on a track and field athletics complex of a name of Elena Elesina, more than 800 athletes from 62 regions took part. The national team Volgograd Region won 2 awards – gold and bronze. 15-year-old Ovchinnikov Maxime, the son of the known javelin thrower in the past, the participant of three Olympic Games, and nowadays the honored trainer Russian Federation Ovchinnikov Vladimir became the winner of superiority of the country in javelin throw. Already in the first attempt the inhabitant of Volgograd sent a spear to 65,57 meters. This result in a result and...
Ovchinnikov Maxime
Ovchinnikov Vladimir
Voronin Mikhail
Loginov Ian
Zenin Eugenie
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