"Protection of moral and cultural values": work on creation of the Euroasian film academy] bega

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On Thursday, June 30, it became known that work on creation of the Euroasian film academy and its award which becomes analog of "Oscar" already began. The chairman LLC "Soyuz kinematografistov Russia" Nikita Mikhalkov suggested to organize academy. In his opinion, at present "there is the most powerful North Atlantic attack to a cultural civilization" which needs protection. Besides, Nikita Mikhalkov is sure that creation of film academy is necessary for "political developments the Euroasian space...
Nikita Mikhalkov
Last position: Chairman (LLC "Soyuz kinematografistov Russia")
Sergey Glazyev
Last position: Head of department of the theory and methodology of the public and municipal administration, faculty of public administration (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Ferbenks Douglas
Ruby David
Bergman Ingmar
LLC "Soyuz kinematografistov Russia"
Main activity:Culture and sports
A. M. P. A. S
Main activity:Culture and sports