The expert estimated plans Poland to make out a bill to PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "GAZPROM" for the termination of supply of gas

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Russian Federation and Poland now are in such stage of the conflict when threat Warsaw a tax in court on PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "GAZPROM" for the termination of supply of gas do not play such role which they played at least half a year ago. It was declared to daily social and political business newspaper "Izvestiya" by the leading expert of LLC "FNEB" and Finance university, Financial university Stanislas Pavlovich Mitrakhovich on Tuesday, June 28. "Let address [in court]" — he told...
Aleksey Pushkov
Last position: The head of the commission on information policy and interaction from media (Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation)
Yatsek Robert Sasin
Last position: Minister (Ministry state assets of Republic Poland)
Sergei Kupriyanov
Last position: Department head 106 press secretary of the Chairman of the board (PJSC Gazprom)
Petr Alexander Naimsky
Last position: The authorized representative concerning strategic power infrastructure (Council of Ministers of the Republic of Poland)
PJSC Gazprom
Main activity:Production and distribution of the electric power, gas and water
Finance university, Financial university
Main activity:Activity of hotels and restaurants
Main activity:Mining