Fyodor Kudryashov: "Artem Dzyuba become the superstar to Turkey"

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The defender "Antalyaspora" Fyodor Kudryashov spoke possible transition of the forward Artem Dzyuba in the Turkish club. — In "Spartak" you began together with Artem Dzyuba who now conducts negotiations with the Turkish clubs. You believe, what it will play in a superleague? — I very much would like that it was to Turkey! In an ideal in "Antalyaspore" though it is not enough chances because it for certain will be top club. But it is convinced that Artem Dzyuba becomes one of the best goal-scorers and even the superstar. With adaptation at it it will not be exact problems — Artem Dzyuba always easily found a common language with foreigners, its jokes and laughter really have to...