National budget. As to aktyubinets at the expense of treasury equipped playgrounds

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According to the <6> Budget national participation program which works the third year, inhabitants can choose, on what to spend money from treasury – to arrange well the yard, to break the square, to carry out lighting or to construct a ramp. Thus consider a voice of everyone. This year thanks to the project to Aktobe there were two playgrounds, transfers @gazeta_diapazon "Range". Batys-2, Mangilik St. ate, 16. The idea to make a new playground was offered by residents of the house. Now to children of the five-storey building where 90 apartments, it is not necessary to run to the neighboring yard or in Health park. || the Photo were provided by Kuraisov Rustem to update the yards...
Kuraisov Rustem
Kumukov Dmitry
Makhmutov Akgul