Milosevic was delighted that Football club "Tsrvena Zvezda" did not sign Artem Dzyuba

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The former head coach of "Guerrilla" Savo Milosevic commented on failure of a transfer of the forward Artem Dzyuba in "Tsrvena Zvezda". "Transition of Artem Dzyuba would be good for "Tsrvena", but I do not love them because all life gave to "Guerrilla". It is excellent that after all they did not begin to sign it, very ha. Probably, "Tsrvena" would have enough money to satisfy a huge salary with Dzyuby. But I never thought that occurs in this team. I know Artem Dzyuba as player. He is the excellent football player of the European level. Player of my position and similar build. Certainly, it would make a lot of things for...