Shouting about independence of the Russian gas Poland buys it stealthily to Germany

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The research associate IE RAN Fedorov Sergei commented on desire of Poles "to salt to Moscow". It appeared that the country secretly buys the Russian gas to Germany, declaring the independence. Warsaw realized long ago that will not be able to survive without this resource, and therefore continues it to use. Partially Poles receive gas from Norway, but in large volumes Russian Federation use fuel. Moscow loses nothing because of unwillingness of the country to pay for it rubles, but this situation once again shows, external statements of politicians are how false. Earlier Poland of deception was convicted by Aleksey Pushkov, which...
Petr Alexander Naimsky
Last position: The authorized representative concerning strategic power infrastructure (Council of Ministers of the Republic of Poland)
Fedorov Sergei
Aleksey Pushkov
Main activity:Science and education