"The incomparable romantic": the lover Eugenie Petrosyants appeared after engagement

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Eugenie Petrosyants reported that he is touched and shaken to the bottom of the heart. Recently the director Sarik Andreasyan made the proposal to the loved Elizabeth Moryak. The girl got a bird's eye view of an inscription on the earth "Marry me". The prepared surprise struck not only Elizabeth, but also the national actor Eugenie Petrosyants who learned about it in social networks. After the public knew of Sarik Andreasyan and the Seaman, the humorist appeared in a social network, having made the new publication. The actor admitted that was shaken by an act of the director to the bottom of the heart. "You incomparable romantic that...
Eugenie Petrosyants (Eugenie Petrosyan)
Last position: TV host, production director, writer
Tatyana Brukhunova
Main activity:Cultural worker
Sarik Andreasyan
Last position: Film director, screenwriter, film producer, actor