Flower prints and white collars: theatrical style Tatyana Brukhunova underwent again criticism of divanny experts

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The young darling of the humorist Eugenie Petrosyants Tatyana Brukhunova regularly is exposed to criticism in the address. At first young mother condemned for that she destroyed others family, and now — for lack of taste and style. Old-fashioned images In the microblog at Tatyana Brukhunova about 90 thousand subscribers and 3,5 thousand publications. The majority of posts — is photos Tatyana Brukhunova in different extravagant images. Young mother regularly presents the new onions which cost exceeds an average monthly salary over the country. In spite of the fact that Tatyana Brukhunova appears in things of known brands, enough expensive, all...
Eugenie Petrosyants (Eugenie Petrosyan)
Last position: TV host, production director, writer
Tatyana Brukhunova
Main activity:Cultural worker
Helena Stepanenko
Last position: Actress (State budget cultural institution of the Moscow city "Moskovsky theater Estrady")