Chapter of Federal Antimonopoly Service called paradoxical a situation with the prices of aviation fuel to Russian Federation

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Maxime Alekseevich Shaskolsky specified that the prices, for example, on the liquefied gas and on gasoline decrease, and on aviation fuel — grow, despite reduction of demand for it. Nevertheless the rise in price of fuel does not influence the price of tickets, he emphasized the Situation with aviation fuel to Russian Federation it developed paradoxical: the prices of it grow despite decrease in demand, Maxime Alekseevich Shaskolsky reported in interview of daily business newspaper "RBK daily" chapter of Federal Antimonopoly Service. "With aviation fuel there was a paradoxical situation. There is a liquefied hydrocarbonic gas for which the price fell three times since the beginning of year and now minimum for all history. Gasoline in the wholesale market decreases...
Alexander Kryazhev
Last position: Press photographer (Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti")
Vitaly Vantsev
Last position: Co-owner, chairman of the board of directors (JSC Vnukovo International Airport )
Andrey Martirosov
Last position: CEO (PJSC Airline Utair)
Alexander Novak
Last position: Vice-chairman (Government of the Russian Federation)
Maxime Alekseevich Shaskolsky
Last position: Head (Federal antimonopoly service)