Pluralism Lithuanian podorlika: so we defend or we come?

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Lithuania, at last, acquired full authority to be called podorliky, instead of "an iron wolf" its medieval heraldry. After all on the coat of arms that Germany that Poland flaunts an eagle. About their two-headed biological schoolmate while we will hold back as it is a subject of the future denazification of our other suburbs, in process of them to readiness volume. Which with persistence, worthy the best application, everything accrues...
Olaf Sholts
Last position: Federal chancellor (Government of Federative Republic of Germany)
Gitanas Nauseda
Last position: President of the Republic of Lithuania (President Lithuania)
Valdemaras Rupshis
Last position: Commander of Armed forces of Lithuania (Ministry national defense of Lithuania)
Daniel Robert Khokanson
Last position: Chief of bureau of National guard (United States Department of Defense)
Jens Stoltenberg
Last position: Secretary general (NATO)
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