China warned United States of America about blasting bases of the bilateral relations because of support Taiwan

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Moscow. June 14. information agency "Interfaks" - the Policy Washington D.C., directed on having impact on China by means of support and developments communications with Taiwan, not only is doomed to a failure, but also can undermine a basis of the Chinese-American relations, the head of office of the commission of the Central Committee of a PDA of foreign affairs Yang Jiechi who is quoted by the Chinese mass media declared. "The Taiwan question is connected with a political basis of the Chinese-American relations, and if not to solve it properly, it will have on them subversive effect", - told Yang Jiechi during a meeting with the adviser President of the United States on national safety...
Ian Jiechi
Last position: The executive secretary of leading group on foreign affairs at the Central Committee of Communist party of China (CPC)
Tsay Inven
Last position: President of the Republic of China (President of Republic of China)
Dzheykob Dzheremayya Sallivan
Last position: Adviser to the U.S. President for national security (National Security council of USA)
Ma Intszyu
Last position: Chairman (Gomindan)
Political ideology:Conservatism, republicanism, anticommunism,\u000aChinese nationalism