China declared that is ready to be at war in attempt of other countries to separate Taiwan from China

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Moscow. June 10. information agency "Interfaks" - the Minister of Defence China Vey Fenkhe on Friday at a meeting with the chief of the Pentagon Lloyd James Austin III declared that Beijing is ready to military operations in case someone makes an attempt to separate Taiwan from China, reports the Chinese Global Times edition with reference to the representative of defensive department China U Tsyan ". According to the statement U Tsyan, Vey Fenkhe told that if someone will dare to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese military will battle without hesitation and will resolutely stop any attempts "independence of Taiwan" at any cost, and also will firmly protect the national...
Lloyd James Austin III
Last position: Minister (United States Department of Defense)
U Tsyan
Last position: Official representative (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of People's Republic of China)
Tsay Inven
Last position: President of the Republic of China (President of Republic of China)
Vey Fenkhe
Last position: Minister (Ministry national defense China)
Ma Intszyu
Last position: Chairman (Gomindan)
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