The head of Hydrometeorological center warned residents of Sverdlovsk about a hurricane with a large hail

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To Sverdlovsk Region dangerous weather is expected on May 27. The research supervisor declared Federal state-financed institution "Hydrometeorological center Russia" Roman Mendelevich Vilfand. "To Sverdlovsk Region are expected very much heavy rain, the thunder-storm, a large hail, at thunder-storms wind strengthening to 25 m/s on Friday", - transfers his words of information agency "ITAR-TASS". The similar situation to Kurgan Region, there a wind can amplify to 28 m/s. In these regions "orange" level of danger is declared. Also, according to Hydrometeorological center, adverse weather with rains and a strong wind is expected in Vladimir Region, Moscow Region, Ryazan Region, Kaluga Region, Tula Region, and also in...