in energy suddenly not to compensate need of United States

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By today new details and introduction news that United States of America weakened sanctions against Venezuela continues to acquire. In particular, eases for the oil companies in respect of work opportunities with Caracas are promised. In the next reporting from South America Brilev Sergei tells that actually is covered behind the decision Washington D.C. to correct the course. Both today, and yesterday, and, in principle, tomorrow it is blessed width – grape. Most that for such firm grades, as "Malbek" (in Argentina), "Karmener" (in Chile) and "Tannat" (in Uruguay). But everything already breathes also in the fall. But...
Nicolas Maduro
Last position: President of the Republic Venezuela (President of Bolivarian of the Republic of Venezuela)
Andres Manoel Lopes Obrador
Last position: President of Mexico (President of United Mexican States)
Carlos Raphael Faria Tortosa
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela)
Santiago Andres Kafyero
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, international trade and cult of Argentine Republic)
Brilev Sergei