The star of the Russian romance acted on the native earth

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In Yaroslavl the benefit concert to birthday of the 33rd schools took place. On one scene - the honored actress Russian Federation Shatsky Nina , chorus of pupils and the Yaroslavl symphonic orchestra. Ovchinnikova Darya from the first class sings in school chorus. Except music, likes to draw, dance and participates in charitable performances. Ovchinnikova Darya, the schoolgirl GOU YAO STATE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION YAO "SECONDARY SCHOOL NO. 33": "My friends completely support me and consider that it is fine that I can sing on any school action. Shatsky Nina , and for me big acts...
Shatsky Nina
Ovchinnikova Darya
Annamamedov Mourad
Fradkin Mark
Chistyakov Pawel