In the wake of an orthodox brotherhood

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In Stary Oskol there was a branch of the Brotherhood of orthodox pathfinders. The new orthodox youth organization originates in a scout movement which arose to United Kingdom at the beginning of the XX century and became popular and in the West, and to Russian Federation. The word "scout" is translated from English as "the field scout" or "pathfinder". In scout groups of children and teenagers learned to execute a precept about love for the neighbor, to serve the Fatherland and to be improved spiritually and physically. The scout method of education places emphasis on occupations in the fresh air – training in skills of a survival in the wood, pedestrian and water...
Vladimir Gundyaev (Kirill)
Last position: Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia (The Russian Orthodox Church)
Gursky Aleksy
Mikhelev Pavel
Babanin Aleksey
Chepeleva Marina
The Russian Orthodox Church
Main activity:Activity of public associations and international organizations