In Central bank Russian Federation (Bank Russia) considered that time for optimism in economic forecasts did not come yet

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Moscow. May 20. information agency "Interfaks" - to Revise the macroeconomic forecast updated recently taking into account new realities towards improvement, despite separate positive signals in statistics, early: risks of a deviation from the basic scenario are as in the best, and for the worse, the department director considers monetary policy (DKP) Central bank Russian Federation (Bank Russia) Kirill Tremasov ". Upside and downside risks concerning this forecast a plus-minus are balanced, that is dynamics of macroeconomic indicators can appear as worse, and it is better than that is presented in the basic forecast", - Kirill Tremasov declared...
Maxime Oreshkin
Last position: Assistant to the President (Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation)
Kirill Tremasov
Last position: Director of the department of monetary policy (Bank of Russia)
Bank of Russia
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