The halfback TSSKA declared that dreams to play in one team with nuclear submarine stars

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The halfback TSSKA and combined Russian Federation Maxime Mukhin called football players with whom would dream to play in one team. "Probably, with Pogba (Football club "Manchester United" — information portal "Gazeta.Ru"). Or from De Breyne (Football club "Manchester City" — information portal "Gazeta.Ru") even. And with Cantet ("Chelsea" — information portal "Gazeta.Ru"), for example. It selects, runs, gives. De Breyne too can give the hidden pass, hammer. It is possible to have a rest with them (smiles)" — Maxime Mukhin the YouTube-channel of army club quote. the 20-year-old football player passed into TSSKA from capital "Locomotive" in the summer of 2021. As a part of red-blue it played 28 matches in which it was not noted...