"It is humanistic replacement of terror"

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On May 19, 1922 Lenin Vladimir Voynovich wrote a note to Dzerzhinsky Felix, VChK offering to the chairman to begin preparation for expulsion of abroad in opposition adjusted professors and writers. This document gave start of the operation fixed in cultural memory under the name "philosophical steamship". To anniversary of the most mass in the Russian past of expulsion of intellectuals Gulin Igor talked to the historian of literature Morev Gleb about political and social contexts of this practice. The steamship "Aubert Burgomaster Haquen" by which in September, 1922 Soviet Russian Federation was left by the first party of the sent...
Catherina Marina Polyakova-Baydarova (Marina Vladi)
Last position: Actress, singer, writer, sculptor
Lenin Vladimir Voynovich
Dzerzhinsky Felix
Gulin Igor
Michigan university
Main activity:Science and education
Psychiatric hospital