Key speakers of the Forum of Paperless technologies ’2022] became know

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The official program of action is published. Now to participants key speakers of the All-Russian Forum of Paperless technologies ’2022 became known. Representatives will make a speech at a forum Central bank Russian Federation (Bank Russia), Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Communication and Mass Communication of the Russian Federation, Federal Tax Service, as SOCIAL INSURANCE FUND THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION and also top managers INDEPENDENT NONCOMMERCIAL ORGANIZATION TSE, ASSOCIATION "ROSEU", JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "PENSION FUND "SPECIAL ENGINEERING OFFICE KONTUR" and "Taksk". The organizing committee All-Russian the Forum of Paperless technologies '2022 approved participation in action of representatives of government bodies and the branch enterprises who will act as speakers. <22> Development and standard legal regulation <19> electronic document flow session will open...
Youri Malinin
Last position: Co-owner (LLC "AIS")
Dmitry Ter-Stepanov
Last position: Director of the Standard Regulation direction (INDEPENDENT NONCOMMERCIAL ORGANIZATION TSE)
Roman Kuznetsov
Last position: Director of Legal department (MINTSIFRA OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
Natalia Nikitin
Last position: Mayor (Administration of Ziminsky area)
Prisyazhnyuk Ilya