In "Night of museums" residents of Yekaterinburg will be able to part on houses by buses and trams

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"Gortrans" and "TTU" will remove 14 night flights. After "Night of museums – 2022" residents of Yekaterinburg will be able to get without problems home. "Gortrans" and "Tramvayno-trolleybusnoe administration office" was published by schedules of accumulation of buses and trams. On May 21 buses will gather on Lenin Avenue at a stop "Truda Square" from 00:45. On one bus in the direction URFA will go at 01:00 on routes No. 65 "The railway station — the station of Koltsovo" to a stop of "the Art. of Koltsovo"; No. 27 "STTs MEGA — concrete goods" to a stop of "concrete goods"; No. 28 "Radio college — City hospital No. 7" to a stop "Gorbolnitsa No. 7"; No. 61 "Infantrymen — 40 years of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League"...
Tropin Dimitri
"Tramvayno-trolleybusnoe administration office"
City hospital No. 7
"Gorbolnitsa No. 7"