League Europe. Football club "Ayntrakht Frankfurt" won against Football club "Reyndzhers" (Glasgow) and for the first time for 42 years took Euro cup

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Football club "Ayntrakht Frankfurt" in the final of League Europe changed Football club "Reyndzhers" (Glasgow) Giovanni van Bronkkhorst. Germans were more exact in a penalty series. The only unrealized blow in a series belongs to Aron Remzi. It left in the field on the 117th minute instead of the ex-Spartacist Fashion Sakal. In the main time the account was opened by Scots, but in 12 minutes Raphael Santos Borre Mauri made even. Before the final of Football club "Reyndzhers" (Glasgow) from ten last meetings lost one. Football club "Ayntrakht Frankfurt" for the first time since 1980 took Euro cup. At Football club "Reyndzhers" (Glasgow) for replacement came and realized an after match penalty the halfback Davis Stephen who played in a cup-final of UEFA in 2008...