Unknown set fire on May 16 to the garden house in Velikiye Luki district

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Ignition happened at 4:15 in Bandino's village, as a result of a fire the garden house and a shed burned down, writes telegrams channels periodical e-edition "Pskovskoe agentstvo informatsii" the Pskov report. On May 17 at 7:07 in Bashovo's village Loknya district on Shosseynaya Street there was a fire in a house. Fire damaged a roof, the porch is smoked. The presumable reason – emergency operation of operation of the power supply network in a porch. It was succeeded to rescue a house and three economic constructions. On the same day in the village Borisovichi Pskov district on Mikhaylovskaya Street there was a fire in an apartment house. Ignition began on a balcony of the two-room apartment...