Video cameras according to the Safe Region program in a subway of the settlement of Tomilino] will be establishe

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Lyubertsy. May 18. INLUBERTSY.RU - Many tomilinets complain including on "Dobrodel" that in Tomilino's settlement of the lake Lyubertsy in a subway periodically does not work at Garshin Street lighting, vandals tear off wires and paint walls of graffiti. The deputy head of administration Sorokin Alexander reported that this transition is on "Mosavtodor's" balance. Now the electricity is restored, lamps and wires are replaced with the new. It was necessary to paint walls. Besides, in transition promise to establish video cameras. Opinion of inhabitants to which we managed to talk, are unanimous that...
Sorokin Alexander
Shikhovtsev Oleg
Volkova Helena