Yury Trutnev examined work of plant on production fish Omega-3 fat on Kamchatka Territory

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This only on Kamchatka Territory plant on capsulation of fish Omega-3 fat started in March, 2020. The planned enterprise capacity makes 400 kg per day ready fish Omega-3 fat or 600 kg per day finished goods. Start of plant allowed to close a full cycle of processing of fish production, having made production waste-free. "When processing at our plant there is no intervention in natural structure of fat. We simply clear fat of a wild salmon, we pack into capsules and we inform to consumers. Now we work only for the Russian market. Our main objective – to supply...
Yury Trutnev
Last position: Plenipotentiary of the President (Office of the President'S Authorized Representative of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District)
Vladimir Solodov
Last position: Governor of Kamchatka Krai (Governor of the Kamchatka Territory)
Alexander Litvinenko