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Approximate time of reading: Moscow, on May 13 - newspaper "Argumenty i fakty" is less than a minute. The writer Eugenie Nikolaevich Prilepin expressed the opinion on the Internet show "blow", the author and which leader is the journalist Youri Aleksandrovich Dud *. In his opinion, for the last eight years the agenda to Russian Federation was defined by people whom Dud interviewed. "Rodnyansky, Valleys, Tinkov, Nevzorov *, Venediktov *, Ivleeva, sitting at it – here everything also ruled it the country", – Eugenie Nikolaevich Prilepin in the Telegram-channel wrote. The writer noted that the publicist Eduard Limonov, the director Nikita Mikhalkov, the TV host Dmitry Kiselyov were there only for a change, that...
Eugenie Nikolaevich Prilepin (Zakhar Prilepin)
Last position: Author, host "Zakhar Prilepin. Lessons of Russian" (JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "TELEVISION BROADCASTING COMPANY NTV")
Edouard Savenko (Eduard Limonov)
Main activity:Politician
Nikita Mikhalkov
Last position: Chairman (LLC "Soyuz kinematografistov Russia")
Youri Aleksandrovich Dud
Last position: The anchorman "to blow" on YouTube channel
Dmitry Kiselyov