Kiev transferred EU the last part of a questionnaire for the accession to the union

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Ukraine transferred the second part of a questionnaire for the accession to EU. It includes about 2 thousand questions and concerns implementation of rules of law of EU in Ukraine. Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky gave the first part of a questionnaire on April 18 Ukraine transferred to EU the second part of a questionnaire which needed to be filled for application for the accession to EU, the Deputy Prime Minister declared Ukraine concerning the European and euroatlantic integration Olga Stefanishina in interview to the ZN.UA edition. "The questionnaire has to be transferred today to EU on official channels" — told Olga Stefanishina. The questionnaire includes nearly 370...
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky
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Dmitry Medvedev
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Emanuel Zhan-Mishel Frederick Makron (Emmanuel Macron)
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Olga Stefanishina
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